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Cookie Policy

Heike Lohneis, underthetradename of Casabona Masia Notari informs about the use of cookies on its website:


What are cookies?


Cookies are files that can be downloaded to your computer by websites. They are tools that play an essential role in the provision of numerous information society services. Amon go therthings, they allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information obtained, they can be used torecognisetheuser and improvetheserviceoffered.


Typesof cookies


Dependingontheentitythatmanagesthedomainfromwhichthe cookies are sent and processesthe data obtained, twotypes can be distinguished:


  • First-party cookies: Thosethat are senttotheuser’s terminal equipmentfrom a computerordomainmanagedbythe editor itself and fromwhichtheservicerequestedbytheuserisprovided.
  • Third-party cookies: Thosethat are senttotheuser’s terminal equipmentfrom a computerordomainthatisnotmanagedbythe editor, butbyanotherentitythatprocessesthe data obtainedthroughthe cookies.


In theeventthatthe cookies are installedfrom a computerordomainmanagedbythe editor itselfbuttheinformationcollectedthroughthemismanagedby a thirdparty, theycannot be considered as own cookies.


Thereisalso a secondclassificationaccordingtothelengthof time theyremainstored in theclient’s browser, whichmay be:


  • Session cookies: Designedtocollect and store data whiletheuseraccesses a web page. They are usuallyusedto store informationthatisonlyinterestingtokeepfortheprovisionoftheservicerequestedbytheuseron a singleoccasion (e.g. a listofproductspurchased).
  • Persistent cookies: The data remainsstored in the terminal and can be accessed and processedfor a perioddefinedbythepartyresponsibleforthe cookie, which can rangefrom a few minutes toseveralyears.


Finally, thereisanotherclassificationwithsixtypesof cookies dependingonthepurposeforwhichthe data obtained are processed:


  • Technical cookies: Thosethatallowtheusertonavigatethrough a website, platformorapplication and the use ofthedifferentoptionsorservicesthatexist in it, such as, forexample, controllingtraffic and data communication, identifyingthesession, accessingrestrictedaccessparts, rememberingtheelementsthatmake up anorder, carryingoutthepurchaseprocessofanorder, makingtheapplicationforregistrationorparticipation in anevent, usingsecurityelementsduringnavigation, storingcontentforthedisseminationof videos orsoundorsharingcontentthrough social networks.
  • Personalisation cookies: Theseallowtheusertoaccesstheservicewithsomepredefined general characteristicsdependingon a series ofcriteria in theuser’s terminal, such as thelanguage, thetypeof browser usedtoaccesstheservice, the regional configurationfromwhichtheserviceisaccessed, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: Theseallowthepartyresponsibleforthemto monitor and analysethebehaviouroftheusersofthewebsitestowhichthey are linked. Theinformationcollectedthroughthistypeof cookies isusedtomeasuretheactivityofthewebsites, applicationorplatform and fortheelaborationofbrowsingprofilesoftheusersofthesesites, applications and platforms, in orderto introduce improvementsbasedontheanalysisoftheusage data oftheusersoftheservice.
  • Advertising cookies: Theseenablethemanagement, in themostefficientwaypossible, ofadvertisingspaces.
  • Behaviouraladvertising cookies: These store informationonuserbehaviourobtainedthroughthecontinuousobservationoftheirbrowsinghabits, whichallows a specificprofileto be developed in ordertodisplayadvertisingbasedonthesame.
  • External social network cookies: These are used so thatvisitors can interactwiththecontentofdifferent social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and are generatedonlyforusersofthese social networks. Theconditionsof use ofthese cookies and theinformationcollectedisregulatedbytheprivacypolicyofthecorresponding social platform.


Disabling and deleting cookies


Youhavetheoptiontoallow, block ordelete cookies installedonyourcomputerbyconfiguringthe browser optionsinstalledonyourcomputer. Bydisabling cookies, someoftheservicesavailablemay no longer be operational. Thewaytodisable cookies isdifferentforeach browser, but can usually be done fromthe Tools orOptionsmenu. You can alsoconsultthebrowser’sHelpmenuwhereyou can findinstructions. Youmay at any time choosewhich cookies youwanttooperateonthiswebsite.


You can allow, block ordeletethe cookies installedonyourcomputerbyconfiguringtheoptionsofthe browser installedonyourcomputer:


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Safari:
  • Opera:


In addition, you can alsomanagethe cookie store in your browser usingtoolssuch as thefollowing:


  • Ghostery:
  • Your Online Choices:

Cookies usedon


The cookies that are beingused in this portal are identifiedbelow, as well as theirtype and function:

  • _ga
    • Duration: 2 years
    • Description: Used todistinguishusers. Generatedby Google Analytics. Google storestheinformationcollectedby cookies on servers located in theUnitedStates, complyingwithEuropeanlegislationon personal data protection and undertakesnotto share itwiththirdparties, exceptwhererequiredto do so bylaworwherenecessaryfortheoperationofthesystem. Google doesnotassociateyour IP addresswithanyotherinformationheldby Google. Ifyouwouldlike more informationaboutthe cookies usedby Google Analytics, pleasegotothisaddress:
    • Type: Thirdparty
    • Purpose: Analytics
  • _ga_T8GDBNSLEQ
    • Duration: 1 year and 1 month
    • Description: This cookie isusedby Google Analyticstomaintainsessionstatus.
    • Type: Thirdparty
    • Purpose: Analytics
  • AEC
    • Duration: 6 months
    • Description: Cookie necessaryforthe use oftheoptions and servicesofthewebsite.
    • Type: Thirdparty
    • Purpose: Technical
  • DV
    • Duration: Session
    • Description: Identifiestheuserifthey are logged in withtheir Google account.
    • Type: Thirdparty
    • Purpose: Technical
  • SOCS
    • Duration: 13 months
    • Description: To store a user’sstatuswithrespecttotheir cookie choices
    • Type: ThirdParty
    • Purpose: Technical
  • Secure-ENID
    • Duration: 1 year
    • Description: Cookie necessaryforthe use ofthewebsiteoptions and services.
    • Type: Thirdparty
    • Purpose: Technical showsinformationaboutits Cookie Policy at the bottom or top ofany page ofthe portal witheachlogin.


In viewofthisinformationitispossibletocarryoutthefollowingactions:


  • Accept cookies: Thiswarningwillnot be displayedagainwhenaccessingany page ofthe portal duringthecurrentsession.
  • Modify/customiseyourconfiguration: You can obtain more informationonwhat cookies are, findoutaboutthe Cookies Policyof: and modifytheconfigurationofyour browser.